Lone Wolf Miniatures...

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Postby Random Code » Tue May 10, 2011 4:00 pm

WritingWolf wrote:That's a shame as those ones look like LW figures too!
Yep, which is the main reason for their purchase.

I had them pegged as follows:

Aurelius the Adept --> Brotherhood of the Crystal Star PC
Freyr of the Turning Leaf --> Border Ranger PC
Shadowblade Reyviande --> Kai Lord PC
Ylvfriodr of Ulfrstadt --> Soldier/Mercenary NPC
Yvander HalfBlood, MarchWarden Scout --> Kai Lord or Border Ranger PC (depending on the pain job)

Let me clarify. These are nice figures but because I don't believe they are 28mm they look too small next to other figures so are, well, useless - unless you're using them in isolation (ie, not with other miniature ranges)
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Postby Random Code » Fri May 13, 2011 2:29 pm

Balgin Stondraeg wrote:There was a company with a name that was something like Dragonblood. I think they've gone out of business now. They did a very good dwarven gunner (his renaissance style clothing went with the older dwarf pictures from the earlier editions).
This one:


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Postby Balgin Stondraeg » Sun May 15, 2011 10:48 pm

beowuuf wrote:It's been a while since we've seen your own handiwork at TotS!
There's a reason for that. My computer perished in late December and wasn't working again 'till mid February. By the time it was functional it felt like Trigger's brush from Only Fools and Horses "it's had fourteen new heads and eleven new handles but it's still the same brush" :lol: .

I still haven't rediscovered all my old favourites links. Additionaly my Photobucket account's full up so I haven't been putting up any pictures recently. They're happy to give me unlimmited storage space for a quid or two a month so I'm building up abacklog so I don't feel like I'm wasting my money uploading a few pictures and then nothing for a while.
Sommerswerd wrote:Thanks for the tip, Balgin!

I really like the "Yvander HalfBlood" miniature!
http://red-box-games.com/shop/index.php ... ucts_id=44

Very Kai-Lord-y to me!
Mine's still half finished. Link. Those aren't up to date (there's more colour on him now).

As Random Code mentioned, some of the Red Box miniatures are a little bit on the small side. They're closer to true 25mm than "heroic 25mm" (which is really 28mm etc). That being said I'm using Thunderbolt Miniatures armoured goblins as Giaks and they're about the same size. The guy who sculpts Red Box does sculpt 25mm but he likes to make his elves shorter than the humans (for some strange reason).

Yes Random, that is the dwarf I was looking for (he's unfortunately rather large).
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Re: Lone Wolf Miniatures...

Postby LW_Veteran » Tue Jun 26, 2012 10:50 pm

You could make Lone Wolf Miniatures for well-known games like chess or Risk. Creating the miniatures for the chess game is straight forward. For Risk, you could make a variant of the game using Magnamund as your map; since Magnamund is so large and may require too many miniatures to create for each distinctive country, you could sell portions of the map as expansions that would “connect” the maps together like a jigsaw puzzle. Alternatively, you could group portions of the lands such as having “Stornlands” as one region rather than dividing it up. Also, to keep the game affordable, it may be best to create plastic miniatures. Or have a “Collector’s Edition” for a quality set of miniatures. The game would have a wider audience appeal if marketed to the general public because most people know chess and Risk. However you decide, it’ll be cool to see the miniatures!

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