Massive a Reflex Check?

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Postby Clovenhoof » Tue Sep 14, 2010 12:27 am

Yes, and as we're about it, there were some heavy sword types in the late middle ages, but they were an evolutionary dead end. In the long run, anything longer than about 4 feet proved to be impractical.
The typical size-to-weight ratio for any functional sword is about 1kg per metre, or to translate to imperial units, two pounds per three feet.
Actually scaled pretty linearly.

(The Conan/D20 stats with weights like 4lb for a broadsword can be interpreted as "complete with scabbard and belt", then it's about right.)
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Postby treeplanter » Tue Sep 14, 2010 4:23 pm

In our current game, we almost removed Massive Damage, and I think it's the best move we made. Since 2-hand weapon and sneak attack were already the strongest mechanic in the game, Massive damage was just a win-more situation for those, and it suck.

I kept the MD save when you burn a fate point, but save DC = (10 + 1/2 character level + strenght modifier, or Dex modifier for finesse attack). So, it's independant of the damage you make (much like stunning attack).

i did another small fix, the feat Riposte from Hyboria's finest can't be used with 2-hand weapon.

and of course Power attack don't add twice the number with 2-hand weapon.

With those the 3 figthing style are pretty much balanced. 2-hand weapon are still very good against heavy armor, and with cleave. Shield are still the way to go for high-defense. 2-weapon give you a nice damage output (thanks to off-hand expert), and is versatile at high-level when you have the good feat (tw defense, riposte) and/or sneak attack. But you get screwed a bit against heavy armored opponent.
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