Using Aspects and Fate Points from FATE

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Using Aspects and Fate Points from FATE

Postby phantomdoodler » Sun Aug 22, 2010 8:37 am

I think this could work with Lonewolf, without disrupting the classes to much.

Each character starts with a number of Aspects equal to their Rank. Aspects represent traits of the character, which may be positive or negative, but can be anything that defines them. It may relate to their appearance, personality, weaknesses, injuries, resources - anything that sets them apart from others. The players define these however they wish. For example:

Stubborn, Soft hearted, talisman of healing, Dwarf friend, Pugilist, Shy etc

Some aspects may seem to be more positive than others, or more negative. This is fine, because you have to pay to activate an aspect to gain a positive effect, but are rewarded when suffering a negative affect.

Fate Points:
each character starts with 10 minus their Rank, in Fate Points (so 5 for a typical 5th rank character), which are refreshed at the start of each session.

You may spend a Fate point to:

+1 to any roll (may do this after you roll)
Invoke an Aspect, adding +2 to any roll involving your Aspect (may do this after your roll), or reroll.
Introduce a minor narrative effect (you happen to know an npc, or you remembered to bring a certain tool etc)
Avoid being compelled by an Aspect (see below)
Tag an opponents Aspect, to gain +2 to your roll against their weakness

If a player has a negative Aspect, or one that can be used negatively, The Gm may pay a character a fate point (up to their max), to compel a player to act with the Aspect, which may limit their actions, or that they fail outright in a roll. If the player doesnt want this to happen, they must pay the Gm a fate point. The Gm may, if they wish increase the reward to 2 Fate points - the player would now have the option of acting with their Aspect, gaining 2 fate, or spending 2 to avoid this. If the player wants to pay 2 Fate points, the Gm, may raise the cost for a third and final time.

For example, a character with the Heartless Aspect, is trying to convince a villager to trust them. The Gm thinks this is unlikely, given the players demeanour, so offers the player a fate point to act callous and obviously fail the attempt. The player, who really needs to convince the villager, agrees to pay a Fate point, and the Gm chooses not to escalate the fate point reward.

Character Advancement:

At the start of each new session, each player may choose one of the following:

Replace an Aspect with a new one (if its not working out, or an item-based aspect is stolen or destroyed. If a characters Talisman of Healing was stolen, the next session they could replace it with Hunting Talisman Thief)
Change an Aspect (if you experience indicates you have changed in some way)

When you have completed an adventure, when the players have resolved a story, you may choose one of the following:

Gain a new Rank (which will allow you a Discipline, but also reduce your Fate Points by one)
Increase your Fate Point Maximum by 1
Add a new Aspect (you may only have a maximum number of Aspects equal to your Fate Points plus Rank)
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Postby Troll66 » Sun Aug 22, 2010 7:18 pm

interesting...I had exactly the same thought...
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Postby Plageman » Mon Aug 23, 2010 10:02 am

In LWMPG we already have part of the system covering equipment, special items and Disciplines. Thus I'd keep the Aspects to character background and mundane training.

For the pure mechanical side, I'd assign a bonus ranging from +1 to +3 depending on the relevance of the Aspect to the roll. Also if a character has an Aspect and a Discipline covering the same ground he gets only one bonus, usually from the Discipline.

For the FATE points I'd rather not use them. You can simply give a number of Aspects use equal to Rank or to the number of Aspects the character has whichever the better. If you do a 10 - Rank value, then you actually reduce the number of Aspect uses.

I'm not sure that making the learning a new Aspect should replace a Discipline. If you do so, you run the risk of having a party not advancing at the same pace. Maybe to limit book keeping you should limit it to 3 starting Aspects with a max number of 5. A the end of an adventure, if applicable your GM may allow getting a new aspect or replacing an older.

I'd also use some categories for the Aspect. For example in Dresden files each character starts with 10 Aspects and two of them are very specific: the High Concept (in LW it could Old Kai Master) and Trouble (in Taint of Naar), the other eight being as you wish them. But again if you choose "strong as a bear" or "left handed" it may be difficult to replace them without a very good story.

Using Aspect against NPCs or the PCs is something to use sparingly as it requires some mental gymnastic. unless you're already familiar with the system I'd not use them for a few sessions.
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Postby Random Code » Mon Aug 23, 2010 11:01 am

I'd go with Plageman on this, Phantom. His suggestions are spot on.
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Postby phantomdoodler » Tue Aug 24, 2010 8:32 am

Some good suggestions there guys. Cheers

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