merchant and slaver

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merchant and slaver

Postby lele » Thu Feb 19, 2009 9:29 pm

(sorry for may bad english, i'm french...nobody's perfect :wink: )

I want to know the better class or class combinaison for do this two kind of character :

a merchant
a slaver

I don't find something in the books but I don't have all of them :(

Thanks for your help :D
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Postby VincentDarlage » Thu Feb 19, 2009 9:45 pm

Ummm... since those are both Profession skills, ANY character class is fine.

If you are wanting them to be really skills heavy (high bluff, diplomacy, sense motive, and intimidate, as well as the profession skill itself) and have a bunch of Skill Focus feats, you could use scholar and take Skill Focus, Negotiator, and so on in lieu of spells.

But, technically, those are both professions and any character class could do them just as well as another.

Many frontiersmen traded with the American Indians, so borderers can be merchants, and so on with all the other classes. Nomads, barbarians, all of them might have a need to trade. African tribes traded slaves and goods - and they might be classed as barbarians. Commoners, of course, can take professions.

Ultimately, any class is fine. Just take the Profession (merchant) or Profession (slaver) skill, and back it up with some other skills and feats as appropriate.
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Postby Hervé » Thu Feb 19, 2009 9:59 pm

Salut et bienvenue!

Si tu es fâché avec l'anglais, deux adresses de forums Conan en VF:

http://chroniquesnemedie.cultureforum.n ... fb7596cb1c ... 47&efcid=5

For the characters you are looking for, a combination of levels of Scholar, Thief and Temptress could be appropriate.

However, the most important thing would be to think of the origins and culture of the character. A Shemite merchant could reasonably have some Nomad levels, while an Hyperborean slaver would probably have Barbarian levels. Even a Pirate could make a good slaver (as much as there can be any good in a slaver...:roll:), raiding the coasts of the Black Kingdoms.

So, tell us more about your characters, think of their background first and the technical stuff will come more easily.
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Postby Voltumna » Fri Feb 20, 2009 5:21 am

The Messantia supplement has a merchant prestige class and related feats.

The Shadizar supplement has the professional prestige class, and I think one of its specialties is kidnapper, which could work well for a slaver.
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Hooray to Iron cheF!

Postby Spectator » Fri Feb 20, 2009 7:16 am

try this link: ... ght=slaver

Iron Chef was one of our most prolific members, unfortunately his presence is missed greatly.
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Postby lele » Fri Feb 20, 2009 7:31 pm

Thanks for your help and kindness! :D

I will take the option of scholar with class skill.
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Re: Hooray to Iron cheF!

Postby Malcadon » Sat Feb 21, 2009 1:07 am

Thanks for the link. Its vary... Gorean. :wink:

I have been thinking about a Merchant NPC class. I got nothing on paper, but I was thinking something on the line of a modified Commoner class with some Noble-like (well, more like Ferengi-like) social abilities, the Knowledge is Power ability at some point around 3rd to 5th level, a level cap at 10th level, and is vary much literate.
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Postby decker423 » Thu Feb 26, 2009 4:22 pm

For a slaver, I would think Nomad and Thief multiclassing. You're traveling around alot, you're looking for slaves, you've got to get away once you get them. Also, thieving deals with the "underworld" element of this game- crime lords, murder, theft, etc.

For a merchant, I would go with scholar UNLESS you plan on being a traveling/roaming merchant. Then I would go with Nomad or Borderer. A level or 2 in thief will help.

If you read The Road of Kings and other supplements, many retired thieves are merchants.

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