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Paladins Question

Posted: Sat Jun 02, 2018 11:32 am
In any setting that uses Paladins or the equivalent, so not just DAD, if a paladin has permission from his or her god or goddess to violate the paladins code if he or she feels they have to in order to succeed at a sacred mission given to him or her by the god or goddess that he or she worships can he or she do so without losing his or her Paladin Powers?. I'm inclined to say that not only could he or she do so with no loss of powers but that to refuse to do so purely cos its against his or her god or goddess's religion despite his or her god or goddess giving him or her their divine permission to do that and that to refuse on what, to the god or goddess, is merely a religious technicality would lose him or her his or her Paladin Powers. But what do my fellow DAD and similar RPG Fans think?